Residential Deck Replacement

Residential Deck Replacement

functional residential deck after replacement

Your deck is the pride and joy of your home. It’s where you get to kick back and relax with friends and family. It’s the place from which to survey your home, and maybe watch the world go by. It’s your own little piece of paradise. Except that it’s in the nature of decks to take some strain over the years. There’s weather of course, water damage, sun cracking, dried out wood, and then the risk of rot in the winter. Plus there’s the natural wear and tear that happens simply because you use a deck for exactly what it’s meant to be used for.  All of which means that rails get loose, nails start to make their presence felt, soft patches appear, and rough patches throw up splinters that eventually make themselves a pain for you and your family or guests. Which is a not only a pain, and an eyesore; it’s also a potential risk to the people you care about and maybe a legal liability on top of everything else. Don’t leave it too late; get your residential deck repaired today.

Repair or Replace

A good deck should last for up to 20 years but a hard working deck will almost certainly show some signs of age long before then. The secret is regular maintenance to keep it from deteriorating but we know you’ve got a million other demands on your time and deck maintenance keeps getting pushed to the back of the queue until maintenance needs turn into repair needs.  Because decks are structural and a collapsing deck can be a real threat our qualified deck repair contractors can not only fix those little repairs but also tell you whether you might be better off scrapping an old deck on the verge of incurring big bills and instead going for replacement. We have the skills to spot the state of play and give you an honest assessment of what is your best bet so you can make the right decision.

Frame vs Deck

The key to deciding on what is involved in replacement is whether the damage or decay is affecting the frame or just the deck itself. It takes a pro to decide that, and is usually done by carefully lifting some of the deck planks in order to properly inspect the structural elements. If we find that frame is sound we can completely replace the deck itself while leaving the frame as it is. If we find the frame is suspect then it has to be repaired in order to avoid potential dangers. Trust our contractors to advise you.

Full Replacement

If the underlying structure or the state of the surface means that it’s time for the deck to be replaced then rest assured you’ve come to the right team. We can walk you through our catalogs of great-looking, hard-wearing deck options and discuss the respective pros and cons of each one to help you choose your replacement deck, then get to work to make it happen.

What’s it Going to Cost?

A poor contractor will pluck a price out of thin air. Our professionals prefer to inspect your deck and give you a complete assessment of costs, including whether a replacement will actually save you money in the long term compared to repairs. Trust us to quote you right.

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