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Bellevue Deck and Remodel Professionals: Providing Residential make overs and Commercial Renovations as well as deck repair and replacement

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Welcome to Bellevue Deck and Remodel Professionals. We’ve built our reputation on providing residential make overs and commercial renovations, as well as deck repair and replacement for hundreds of happy homeowners in Bellevue Nebraska. Our experience and expertise means that there is nobody better to bring your deck dreams to life – whether that means designing a whole new deck, or simply sprucing up a deck that has been on the receiving end of the Nebraska weather for long enough to start looking tired.

We bring joy to your lives, new life to your decks, and a whole new level of value to your property. So get in touch and let’s talk decks.

About Us

Bellevue Deck and Remodel Professionals are pros at every aspect of decks and external remodeling. We have the engineering skills to ensure that not only can we design, build, or repair any and all decks to the highest quality but we do so in a way that matches or goes beyond the local building codes.  Decks are structural, even if they aren’t high and a collapse can be dangerous even on a ground level deck only a few inches about the soil level so it’s important to entrust your decking to the pros with the knowledge to design or reinforce decking to see it through the next few decades.  Then there’s the issue of looks; your deck is an extension of your living space into the great outdoors and that means it should be a place you, your family, loved ones, and friends feel really at home at. We can advise you on a huge range of different looks including plank types, wood grains, composites, colors, stains, railings, and steps. We can do that because we’ve been caring for the decks of Nebraska for years and we have the know how to make sure those decks look great, work hard, last long, and don’t cost a cent more than they need to.

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Our Services

Bellevue Deck and Remodel Professionals take pride in the fact that we handle every aspect of decking from dreaming up, designing, and creating decks where before there were none, to bringing fresh life to old decks that have aged and weathered. We are as sharp on structural strength, building codes and safety standards as we are on great good looks, and as happy working with composites as we are with beautiful natural woods so whatever your deck, or your future deck, we can extend its life or remodel it to ensure it continues to bring pleasure to you and your family as well as value to your property for decades to come. The following are a few of our most in demand services but there really isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to decks and external remodeling so whatever your question the answer is to get in touch and start talking about how we can improve the look, the comfort, and the value of your home with a perfectly executed deck face lift.

residential deck replacement in progress
Residential Deck Replacement

Decks are tough and hard wearing but they are not immortal. Least of all in Nebraska. So there comes a time when even if repairs are possible they are a false economy because the deck itself if failing and will need replacement. That’s when you need experienced and trustworthy pros who can explain to you the call to be made and either repair or replace as required.  A good deck replacement will cost more than repairs but it could see you right for another twenty years and that is often a better deal than constantly paying for repair.  Either way, we’ll inspect, report back to you, and help you in your choice.

commercial deck repair in progress
Commercial Deck Repair

Commercial decks whether in restaurants, smoking areas in buildings, or entertainment or transit areas of any kind carry two heavy loads. The first is in terms of footfall as they get a lot of hard wear. The second is in terms of liability because a deck failure can be serious and customers and clients are free to sue if they are involved. So we take our commercial deck repairs seriously and will keep your deck safe and great looking to keep your business safely on track.

“We have a coffee shop with a deck outside which we know is what people see first and what they judge us by. So we rely on Bellevue Deck and Remodel Professionals to ensure it looks great year in, year out.” – Antonia L.

residential deck builder in progress
Residential Deck Builder

Dreaming of a deck? We agree. A well designed and built deck expands the useful space of your home, takes your life outdoors, and provides a perfect place to entertain family and friends. So let us sit down with you and go through the catalogs and plans, share in your deck daydreams and convert them into reality.

beautiful deck after getting repairs
Deck Repair

It’s a hard knock life being a deck. Aside from footfall, rain, wind, and sun there are all sorts of knocks and bangs that happen as part of a living space and those little knocks quickly turn into splinters, cracking, or unsafe railings.  Let us keep your deck safe and comfortable for your household.

“It was when the kids all got splinters the same day on the deck that we finally thought enough – let’s get this thing sorted. Bellevue Deck and Remodel Professionals smoothed it out, replaced weak components and stained it to a gorgeous color – you’d swear the whole thing was new.” – Stan C.

composite decks construction in progress
Composite Decks

Natural wood is timeless and beautiful but it’s not the only game in town. Composite planking lasts longer and looks great as well as having green credentials. Perhaps you’d like to talk about a combination where a natural wood deck is laid over a composite structure. We are more than happy to discuss your options.

beautiful deck after staining
Deck Staining

Decks are on the receiving end of weather, good or bad, and both will eventually leave their mark. We can stain your deck back to beauty, take away any bleaching or spill marks, and protect the surface for years to come.

“Great job at a fair price from Bellevue Deck and Remodel Professionals.” – Frank S.

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Dreaming of a new or remodeled deck? Then get in touch and we can help you better understand the options and the costs as well as take care of any and all work you decide you want to get the deck you dream of. Call us today.